Soft Bait Rigging for Implosion Feeders (Barramundi, Murray/Eastern Cod, King Threadfin)

These fish feed by approaching bait closely, before popping their jaws open with extreme speed and force, creating a vacuum which sucks in the surrounding water and prey they have targeted. These fish generally possess large mouths, having no issue engulfing large baits for their size. While their feeding method is very effective, it can be somewhat inaccurate, and combined with the cavernous mouths they possess this can make it difficult for hooks to find their target at times. For this reason the use of stinger hook rigs for these fish can be a huge advantage in boosting hookup rates, particularly when using larger lures for monster class fish. Hooking up on stingers also give the advantage of articulating the hooks from the lure weight, this results in fewer lost fish.

Rigging methods:

Jighead Bottom-Eye Stinger Treble

Sicario soft bait rigged with a jighead bottom-eye stinger treble

By far the most popular stinger rigging method, the bottom side head stinger can be used for baits from 5 - 8". Giving the angler point coverage both top and bottom. We recommend 5/0 or 6/0 for the 5" and 8/0 or 9/0 for the 7"

Jighead Top-Eye Stinger Treble

Sicario soft bait rigged with a jighead top-eye stinger treble

For scenarios like slow rolling, or deep jigging with potential for hangups on underside structure, this is the method we recommend for baits up to 8”. Having the treble free swinging is by far the most effective, giving an extra 90 degrees of point coverage when imploded. To rig in this manner, it is essential to have a lure which can tolerate a free swinging top side stinger. Not all soft lures are created equal, many soft baits on the market will heel over or spin with this method. Only the best will run true and stable.

Jighead Rear Stinger Treble

Sicario soft bait rigged with a jighead rear stinger treble

For large baits over 8”, or fishing with a low target fish to bait size ratio. We recommend employing a rear set stinger treble placed around the anal fin of the bait. This can be done via a crimped wire stringer trace or using assist cord. We prefer wire for big barra, as multiple times we have seen barra chafe their way through even heavy assist cord. The stinger can be held in place either with a bait peg, or by penetrating the bait with one barb of the treble.

Weedless Rigging Methods

Sicario soft bait rigged weedless

For fishing timber/mangroves or heavy weed structure, unweighted and weighted weedless rigging can be incredibly effective. It is important to note, lures not possessing a weedless slot, are not suitable for this method. We much prefer hooks which fasten to the bait via wire coils, rather than chin penetrating style hooks. The shape of coiled possessing hooks afford more clearance between the shank and the bait, enabling further protrusion top side, on the strike. While weedless hooks do miss more bites than exposed point rigging. Fish do not often shake them free, resulting in a similar bite to landing ratio. We recommend 5/0 or 6/0 weedless for the 5" and 8/0 or 10/0 for the 7"

Flashy Rigs

Sicario soft bait rigged on a flashy rig

Flashy rigs can be extremely effective bite inducers. While they are all built on weedless hooks, we often run them with a chin stinger treble, if the structure allows. With the main hook primarily to hold the bait and flashy rig, only providing a supporting role in hooking the fish.

The combinations of brand, size, weight are endless. But hopefully this gives you a starting point in your pursuit.