Sicario: Spanish for assassin, is a stone cold killer.

This was our first product released to market and has been put through years of rigorous testing and development to produce a large soft lure that ticks all our boxes for targeting trophy class predatory fish.

In testing, Sicario prototypes routinely outfished all comparable lures we ran her along side for literally hundreds upon hundreds of water hours. These lures have accounted for serious numbers of trophy class fish, with numerous PBs set along the way, and now you have the opportunity to fish with them too.

With a strike inducing body roll and tail kick, fish calling vibrations are transmitted 270+ degrees from the lure. Rigged on a jig head, or with weighted and unweighted weedless hooks, the action remains strong and enticing. 

Sicario lures were designed to accommodate a swinging stinger treble from the primary hook eye - the most common rigging method for large soft lures to boost hookups on implosion feeders like trophy barramundi and cod. We ensured the bait does not heel over sideways on the retrieve when rigged in this way, like many soft lure designs tend to do which have not been designed with this specific rigging method in mind.

Sizes range from 4"-5"-7"-9"-11” / 100-275mm (the 11" model available from late July 2023) - these lures are intended for everything from small aggressive predators to monster class, tackle testing predatory fish.

Barramundi, Murray Cod, Mulloway, Black Bass, Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Northern Pike, Muskellunge and the hit list goes on.

If it eats fish, it’ll eat a Sicario.


Check out the video below by one of our prostaff anglers for more information on the action of these lures: